Index of Interesting Facts

Here is a list of the stories featured in this blog.  So did you know that:

Arlington National Cemetery was the former estate of General Robert E. Lee


Origin of the Candy Cane


Cinco de Mayo, How it got started


Christmas - Where Did Some of the Customs Come From


Curling stones only come from one place in the world


Dollar Sign and How it Originated


Easter Bunny and Easter Eggs were Around Long Before the holiday - Orgin of Easter


"Gung ho" - Where the Phrase Came From


Halloween - Mask in the Movie "Halloween" was Bought in a Halloween Shop


Halloween - The Origin and History of Halloween


Hands - You can tell if a person is really a man or woman from their hands




Inspiration for "The Shining" was Not Where it was Actualy Filmed

Lady GaGa - Woman or a Man in Drag? How to Tell...


Lilies are Poisonous to Cats


Monkeys Practice Prostitution


Owls are not the smartest birds?


Santa Claus - Where Did He Come From?


St. Patrick Was Not From Ireland - The Origin of St. Patrick's Day


Snakes - There is a place in the world where there are no native snakes


Thanksgiving was Celebrated by Native Americans Before the Pilgrims Ever Landed


The Twelve days of Christmas


Turkey - Why Americans Eat it on Thanksgiving Day


Un-Thanksgiving is Celebrated on Alcatraz Island Every Year


Valentine's Day - where it originated from


Weddings - Why is June popular for weddings?


Yuletide - What is it? Origin of Yuletide